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The artificial stone of quartz origin contains up to 90% of core materials is a natural quartz that is the highest hardness minerals ranked only after diamond. That makes Quartz superior hardness than products of Granite and Marble or other natural stones. It is resistant to scratch, heat, impact and the corrosive chemical agents such as acids, common cleaning solvents.

Waterproof ability

The artificial Quartz stone does not have hole because its molecules are pressed together by vibration pressing technology in vacuum environment. This solid structure of the quartz stone is created by the polymeric chain surrounding the quartz stone molecules. Immediately after this chemical bonds are established and linked them together with the help of an affiliate promoter. This promoter holds on to the quartz stone molecules (SiO2) with silicon bonding and the polymer chains through organic links. Therefore the waterproof ability is very well and withstands chemical corrosive agents.

Scratch-resistant ability

With the firm structure (90% of natural quartz), the artificial quartz stone has the scratch-resistant ability better than other similar products.

Low maintenance

The Artificial Quartz stone is stain resistant. While Granit and Mable is needed to re-shadowed or periodical maintenance (like the most types of natural stone), the artificial quartz stone products can be cleaned easily during use process, just warm water and a mild soap to clean surfaces, keep your furniture (kitchen, bathroom,…) always clean and safe to use.

Environmental safety

The artificial quartz stone is made to be applied in interior design, especially for kitchen applications. Artificial quartz products are environmentally friendly, prevent mold growth, and are anti-bacterial.

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