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Brown – S074

  1. Quartz No: S074.
  2. Material: 93% natural quartz & 7% high-quality polymer resins and colorful pigments.
  3. Thickness: 18mm, 20mm and 30mm are all available.
  4. Slab size:
    A. Standard slab size:
    − 140x300x20cm x (50 1/8 inch x 118 7/64 inchx20cm).
    − 1600x320x20cm (62 63/64 inch x 125 63/64 inchx20cm).
    B. Customized size is welcome.
  5. Top Edges: Eased, Bullnose, Bevel, Ogee, Triple Ogee, Semi Bullnose.
  6. Tech Support: Inno Global’s QC staff control each production process and ensure excellent quality of final finished products.
  7. Usage: Kitchen Countertops, Dining Table Tops, Bathroom Vanity tops, Tabletops, Thresholds, Nightstand, Desktops, Credenza Shelf, End Table Top, Coffee table tops, Benchtops, etc.
  8. Package: Standard firm wooden pallet for slabs, a wooden crate for tiles and countertops. 


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